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With a head office in Tbilisi, Georgia, the company is represented in UAE, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and with partnership arrangements in several other countries. This enables us to offer variety of goods and services with greater price flexibility.
We provide turnkey solutions in Procurement Services:

  • • sourcing
  • • manufacturing
  • • ordering
  • • expediting
  • • inspection
  • • consolidation
  • • marking and shipping to final destinations with customs clearance in Iraq on DDP basis or via levy exemption

Procurement and Supply of Materials and Equipment for Oil and Gas Industries

We provide an equipment and material procurement and supply service to the oil and gas industry throughout Middle East and the rest of the world. Procurement in the Oil & Gas Industry has become an essential service in today’s competitive marketplace. Our role is to find and supply all the manufactured goods associated with the exploration and delivery of oil and gas. Our customers expect an exceptional level of service and we fulfill that expectation by delivering a reliable, honest, diligent and conscientious service that meets their specific demands. Prodeo Group maintains strong, established relationships with many producers of goods and technologies for oil producers and refiners. This allows us to quickly assess multiple, real-time market dynamics to source and deliver on the best possible terms. Working for oil and gas companies primarily in UAE, Iraq and other we can procure and ship all equipment and material used in exploration, drilling, marine services, production and oil product disciplines.

Procurement and Supply of Materials and Equipment for Other Industries

We source and supply manufactured goods to Middle East or any location worldwide.

We are able to offer excellent customer service, attention to detail, vast experience in production management, timely quotations and delivery dates that are adhered to.