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The starting point for PRODEO GROUP Supply Chain Management solution is always the same:

Analysis phase

First, our consulting team analyzes your existing logistics processes including the flow of material, stock levels, risks involved and information management systems.

Project phase

Next, our operations team works closely with your management and employees to gain a detailed knowledge of your needs, as well as needs of your suppliers and customers to introduce our initial proposals.

Implementation phase

Finally, once our proposals, plans and budget have been approved, we move to the implementation phase. At this stage our resources and systems are put into affect and ready to deliver the best solutions and optimize your supply chain, significantly reduce your risks and operational and logistic costs.

PRODEO LOGISTICS guarantees: Peace of mind. We focus on decisions which reduce your inventory and supply chain costs, shorten lead times and improve your overall productivity. This gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on WHAT YOU DO BEST.

Close cooperation

We believe that close cooperation between client and its logistics partner is needed to plan and manage the entire supply chain, make efficient operations and improve accountability.

Understanding your business

As your Lead Service Provider we invest the time and experience to understand your business particularities before designing proposals to improve your supply chain.

Taking responsibility

We take responsibility for the performance of all our logistics services and for providing the resources and equipment necessary to control the flow of goods under our charge.