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Our consultancy team comprises of people with senior management experience in shipping, finance, supply chains, strategy and operations. Individuals who can apply a multi-disciplinary and tailored approach to particular issues and offer well researched recommendations for any entity involved in Trading, Logistics and Maritime business activities – traders, logistics providers, terminals, corporate financiers, port authorities, legal advisers, insurance companies, governments and more.

PRODEO CONSULTING consultants work either as an integral part of your team or apart or both in complex, but always independently, so you get the best recommendation for the business solutions. Each project is unique, but the process is the same: through confidential discussions we study your requirements, identify solutions and offer detailed proposals covering the scope of the work required. When the decisions are made, we put a team together with skills that match the project requirements. Working with your staff we part tasks into manageable segments, regularly reviewing and controlling processes until the assignment is completed.

Contact us to discuss your commercial requirements in confidence and without obligation.