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about us

We offer professional procurement, supply chain management, shipping, multimodal transportation of dry and liquid cargoes, cargo brokerage and consulting services in middle East, Europe, Central Asia,Transcaucasia, CIS and baltic states. Several productive years of stable operations have led to acquiring significant experience and expertise in this field and allowing establishment of our niche on this highly competitive market..


Our Values

For us, the measure of success is how successful our clients become after our cooperation. Getting closer with clients and understanding their needs is the best way to achieve our goals, offering all of our resources and capabilities.
We think our business gives plenty of opportunities. We have wide ambitions and we work hard to achieve them. It gives us a sense of pride, stimulus and enjoyment from what we do.
In our opinion ability to analyze and observe customer’s requirements gives qualified basis and professionalism. Once knowledge is acquired, creativity and innovation will lead us to develop new and better solutions for the challenges our customers face. Many customers require more resources than a single department of PRODEO GROUP can deliver and this is why we concentrate on a multi-disciplinary approach to solving the tasks placed before us.
PRODEO GROUP respects confidentiality and privacy. Discretion and loyalty is what our partners recognize in us at every stage of relationship.